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Free up your time and your valuable IT resources

put a box around your IT costs

Project and product development services offer our customers the next level of cost control. Both our U.S. and Mexico-based project managers provide the flexibility need to manage projects on-time and on-budget. Project Team Professionals from NearShore are available the same time you are. No hassle for our customers, no H1-B Visas, no time or cost delays when you work with our North American resources. Our IT professionals can be on a flight and at your worksite in less than a day if needed.

time & materials

The approach to projects makes all the difference. Our methodology of rapidly capturing requirements and determining the backlog of work needed helps create visibility to the work and costs associated with projects, allowing our customers to make fact-based decisions on vital aspects of their business. Billing for time and materials is recommended for customers on tight turnaround times with mission-critical projects.

fixed price

NearShore is pleased to provide customers with fixed-price quotes (also known as fixed bid) for a variety of projects. We provide in-depth and upfront analysis in the form of technical evaluations, gap analysis, scheduling, pricing and risk factors that put a direct cost to every aspect of the build process. This simple approach gives customers the confidence of cost control and delivery of information assets needed to run their business.

Our clients. Our employees.

People are what make a difference.

Gabriel J Apodaca, CEO


Nearshore IT professionals speak fluent English. They are trained in multiple disciplines and go through our Customer Care Service Training Program.

  • Communication is easy
  • Flexible resources can work onsite or remote as needed
  • Employees can travel to U.S. client sites using NAFTA visit and TN Visas
  • Your resource peaks can be met by our scalable resources
  • Cost control comes standard with every project
  • Dedicated resources are at all times focused on outcomes
  • Our employees are compensated as a measure of your success