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When our team starts on your project we'll see it through to the end.

NearShore Advantage

time zone

When our coffee time matches your coffee time, everyone smiles. The truth is, having a nearshore IT outsourcing partner in the U.S. Central Time Zone does wonders for your project and your quality of life.

NearShore Advantage

great talent

Trends have begun to change in recent years as more companies rethink their offshoring strategies in search of more skilled IT partners.

NearShore Advantage


Our place or yours? By nearshoring to Mexico, U.S. companies can also benefit from NAFTA.

NearShore Advantage


It flows from the inside out. Culture drives performance, which is just another way of saying happy people accomplish great things together. Come visit us, and you'll see that culture is an art with its own rewards.

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a note from our ceo

We believe that if you treat people well, everything else falls into place. Alignment and transparency are words we live by. They are values embedded in our approach to customer service.

More than ever, this kind of culture and service is needed. Technology has enabled businesses to bring products to market, creating fascinating experiences in all aspects of our lives. We interact with technology hundreds of times a day; every hour and sometimes every minute. Today, companies live and die by their ability to respond, innovate and ride the wave of seamless technology and solutions. With technology at the forefront of the race, companies are looking for better ways to capture, retain and realize market share.

One way to enable these solutions has been to outsource professional services in a quest for cost reduction, return on investment and greater capacity. Capacity has been gained overseas, but a flood of unseen issues has cost U.S. companies billions on failed solutions. The truth is, in a world of unstructured data, a constant flow of text, voice, video, streaming media and real-time transactions, yesterday's solutions no longer fit the needs of fast-moving companies. So, how will technology leaders win in this environment? How will you win? The answer is Near!

We created NearShore Technology to satisfy IT resource needs with the highest level of quality, while delivering the value expected from traditional offshore outsourcing. We offer the best of both worlds; we are an American/Latin company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and offices in Puebla and Merida, Mexico. Our customers count on our world-class IT skills and how we work is what makes us a true partner. In addition, our clients tell us we have set new, higher standards for quality, service and customer ROI.

Our mission statement is crystallized in two words: ADD VALUE.

In practice, our mission drives three of the master tenets we live by; Alignment, Transparency, and Accountability. To put it simply, we measure our success by your success and your GOALS are our GOALS. We look forward to greeting you on the near shores of outsourcing!


Gabriel J Apodaca

President & Chief Executive Officer

NearShore Technology