White Paper: MedTech Capabilities

Learn the capabilities NearShore Technology has developed with over 9-years in the medical device space.

Accelerating Revenue Solutions: eBook

Learn how NearShore decreases your time to market with its people, technologies, and methodologies.

eBook: Mexico vs India for Outsourcing Medical Software & IT Services

Learn everything there is to know about choosing an outsourcing IT service partner. Our IT service comparison guide dives into nearshoring vs. offshoring.

eBook: Myths vs Facts of Outsourcing

Discover 10 myths of outsourcing and the facts that debunk them.

eBook: Criteria to Evaluate when Choosing an IT Partner

Choosing the right technology partner for your enterprise is vital to the growth and success of your business. We've got your answers.

Case Study: Technical Migration

Learn how NearShore seamlessly migrated our clients technical resources from offshore to nearshore.

Case Study: DevOps

Learn how NearShore dramatically cut costs and reduced the time to market for a world leading medical device company.

Case Study: Real-Time Dashboard

Learn how NearShore created a Web-based Near Real-Time Dashboard for displaying Critical data from different Infusion and Dispensing Systems in hospitals.

Case Study: Hardware

Learn how NearShore established a custom biosciences lab in Merida, Mexico featuring electrical engineering, firmware engineering, and more.

Case Study: Automation

Learn how NearShore created a software automation tool to dramatically reduce medical testing times and testing equipment.

Case Study: Cloud Application Support

Learn how NearShore created a cloud application for calculation, ordering, and logistics of just-in-time manufacturing radiotherapy for cancer patients.

eBook: 5 Tips for Building Solutions Focused Teams and Creating Strategic Partnerships

Throughout this guide, we will discuss 5 Tips for building solutions focused teams and creating strategic partnerships.