Case Study: Cloud Application Support

Learn how NearShore created a cloud application for calculation, ordering, and logistics of just-in-time manufacturing radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Case Study: Real-Time Dashboard

Learn how NearShore created a Web-based Near Real-Time Dashboard for displaying Critical data from different Infusion and Dispensing Systems in hospitals.

Case Study: Hardware

Learn how NearShore established a custom biosciences lab in Merida, Mexico featuring electrical engineering, firmware engineering, and more.

Case Study: Automation

Learn how NearShore created a software automation tool to dramatically reduce medical testing times and testing equipment.

Accelerating Revenue Solutions: eBook

Learn how NearShore decreases your time to market with its people, technologies, and methodologies.

eBook: Myths vs Facts of Outsourcing

Discover 10 myths of outsourcing and the facts that debunk them.

eBook: Mexico vs India for Outsourcing Medical Software & IT Services

Learn everything there is to know about choosing an outsourcing IT service partner. Our IT service comparison guide dives into nearshoring vs. offshoring.

White Paper: MedTech Capabilities

Learn the capabilities NearShore Technology has developed with over 9-years in the medical device space.

Case Study: DevOps

Learn how NearShore dramatically cut costs and reduced the time to market for a world leading medical device company.

eBook: Criteria to Evaluate when Choosing an IT Partner

Choosing the right technology partner for your enterprise is vital to the growth and success of your business. We've got your answers.