Team Enhancement Through Staff Augmentation

Here at NearShore Technology, we take Staff Augmentation to another level. We provide a team of talented and skilled IT resources that will not only augment your team, but completely enhance your IT project.

  • Feb 3, 2020
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Team Enhancement Through Staff Augmentation

The idea behind staff augmentation revolves around providing companies with a team of skilled and dedicated employees without the hassle of recruiting. This type of team enhancement is much less expensive than expanding your in-house staff because you remove the cost of having more employees in the office (which requires additional space) and you have zero infrastructure investment. Outsourcing IT staff augmentation services also allows you to work with people across the world, greatly expanding your pool of candidates.

Staff Augmentation Approach

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing approach that companies are using to fulfill their IT project needs. It’s the perfect solution for companies that are having trouble finding the right talent for their project, or do not want to extend their staff by hiring more in-house employees. You can use this kind of outsourcing for one project in particular or take advantage of staff augmentation for a series of projects. 

Here at Nearshore Technology, we take staff augmentation to another level by providing a team of talented and skilled IT resources that will not only augment your team but completely enhance your IT project. We want to help meet your business’s needs in the most efficient and productive way possible. 

How to Know if Staff Augmentation is Right For You

Staff augmentation is a great solution for many different types of companies and projects. It’s an affordable method of growing your team without taking on new in-house employees while ramping up your production time. 

Consider using IT staff augmentation services if:

  • You have an in-house team working on a project, but you need additional employees to help finish the product, and the scarcity of qualified candidates makes it difficult to find someone who is capable of helping. 
  • You want to be able to work closely with your outsourced team to give specific directions and implement your own unique managerial approach. Other types of outsourcing do not allow as much direct access to the people working on your project.
  • You want remote workers to reduce costs while also staying in contact regularly and making your remote staff a part of the entire IT team.

NST “Team Enhancement” Model

NearShore Technology believes in enhancing your team with skilled resources and employees to ultimately get your project completed faster. We are not just a staffing company. All of our resources are full-time NearShore Technology employees, so we can guarantee that they are highly qualified and ready to take on your project. The same developers will see your project through from start to finish with limited resource turnover.  

To get started, NearShore project managers will help you do the following:

1. Collaborate. A dedicated team will meet with you to define the scope of your project. This will include identifying the exact number and type of resources you need and the associated qualifications for candidates. These qualifications include languages, expertise, years of experience, etc. This allows us to narrow down our pool of resources to find you the most qualified candidate for the job.

2. On-site interviews. Once we know how to enhance your team, our Partner Success division will conduct interviews and have each candidate sit for an examination to ensure that they are qualified and the right fit for your project. We put a lot of time and care into our interviewing process to ensure that we’re meeting all of your expectations.

3. Implementation. NearShore project managers will assist in both the training and implementation of your dedicated team. Once we’ve found the right candidates for you, we’ll help integrate your new team into the project and provide necessary resources.

4. Integration. NearShore will continue to nurture and support your team throughout the duration of your project because we believe in cultivating partnerships. Our teams are incentivized to meet all of your goals and exceed expectations.

Learn More By Visiting Our Offices

Need face time? Our developers can visit your offices or we are happy to host our clients on-site. Prefer a Zoom meeting? We are happy to meet with you virtually as well. We want to collaborate with you in order to provide the best level of team enhancement possible. Check out our locations across North America or contact our team via phone or email. 

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