Conversations With AI: Final Thoughts On ChatGPT & How It Will Affect Our Future

Discover our final thoughts of the future of AI after spending 10 days using ChatGPT.


  • Jan 27, 2023
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Conversations With AI: Final Thoughts On ChatGPT & How It Will Affect Our Future

Over the past 10 days we've been exploring different features and conversations around AI, specifically ChatGPT. We've discussed everything from the best features of ChatGPT to having ChatGPT write entire blogs, to asking ChatGPT the tough questions about AI, but what did we learn from all of this research? Let's take a few minutes to discuss my final thoughts on ChatGPT and how AI will affect our future. 

Best Uses of ChatGPT & AI

Throughout the many tests and prompts that I put ChatGPT though, I've come up with 3 of my favorite uses for AI from a business perspective. 

1. General Research & Summarizing Content: Learning is a part of everyone’s life, whether it’s for school, business, or just growing your knowledge on a topic you’re interested in, we all learn. However, sometimes we don’t have time to research and reach 10 articles. ChatGPT is an awesome tool for doing research or summarizing website content. Simply ask ChatGPT to summarize a topic, movie, article, or any link on the internet and in seconds you have a short summary of the content. Very useful for quick learning.

2. Creating Content (if used the right way): Content in king right now for all businesses but finding the time and talent to create it can be expensive and very time consuming. Using AI can help cut down on the research time, and create great first drafts for social media content, eBooks, white papers, and any other topic you need help with. Just don't copy & paste & publish or your content won't stand out in a crowd.

3. Writing & Editing Code: Perhaps one of the most interesting features I found is ChatGPT’s ability to write code in almost any language you request. It can build code from scratch, or you can insert a piece of code you’ve already created and ask it to fix the code, add onto the code, or use that code to create new content. The real time feedback leads the mind to wonder how far we can take ChatGPT with its code creating abilities.

AI Won't Replace Humans

One of the most controversial topics surrounding AI is that it will replace humans and do our jobs for us. I think instead of replacing us, it will actually enhance us, but only if we use it in the right way. In a previous post in this series we asked ChatGPT to write an entire blog on comparing nearshore and offshore outsourcing services. We didn't change a single word we just posted it 100% as ChatGPT spit it out for us. That article provides a great summary of the two services but doesn't go into too much detail or point out any resounding information. It almost feels like a first draft. I think it'd be much more affective if we would have taken that content and expanded on it to give it our own voice and point of view. 

Blogging is just one example, and the errors can hide much easier in long form content. I've done a series of experiments asking ChatGPT to create headlines for social media and other short form content, and it definitely needs some work. Some of the content feels very generic and boring but can be used as a good place to start. 

AI won't replace humans, but some people will try to take advantage of it by just assuming everything AI spits out is the best possible product. AI doesn't have the ability to put human emotion into content, which is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition. 

The Future of AI for Business

Overall ChatGPT & AI are extremely interesting topics, and they will continue to shape how business run in the future, but I don't think they will be replacing humans anytime soon. Instead of replacing humans, all of the great features of AI will enhance those who are really talented and hurt those who are lazy and try to take advantage of AI. When choosing to use AI, make sure you do your research on the right tools and the right ways to use them. AI isn't going anywhere so get familiar with what tools can help you do everyday task a little bit better.

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