Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Project Management Services

Find out why outsourcing your project management services is a great way to add value to your business and cut costs.


  • Jun 14, 2021
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Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Project Management Services

The idea of outsourcing can have a negative connotation to some people — but it shouldn’t be that way. Outsourcing your project management services can be a huge advantage to your business. Working on too many projects at one time can burn out your in-house IT team, causing a decrease in productivity and a lesser-quality product. Using an outsourced project management services partner will help supplement your in-house team and provide valuable expert-level knowledge that can take your project to the next level.

Misconceptions About Outsourcing IT Service Management

Lack of Control Over Projects
One of the biggest misconceptions around outsourcing is the notion that you will lose control of your IT project, but this is a baseless concern. When you find the right project management company, you’ll work together as partners to create solutions and carry out day-to-day operations.

Though IT service management companies like NearShore do have more control over their own development team, this is only to ensure that everyone involved on the project is working diligently. You, as the client, still hold authority over the project and maintain the ability to make changes to the project, suggest new ideas, and essentially control the final product. Think of our team as an extension of your own in-house staff.

At NearShore, our focus is on transparency, good communication, and providing quality service that improves your process. When working with our teams, we’ll provide you with regular progress reports, business updates, and customer support.

Poor Communication
Communication is a huge focus for our teams at NearShore. Many businesses fear that it will be difficult to communicate with an outsourced IT project management company. This is a fair concern to a degree, but when you find the right technology partner like NearShore, you can rest assured that you’ll be updated on every step of the process. We send regular reports to keep you updated on our developers’ progress and we provide round-the-clock customer support to ensure that things are always running smoothly.

Lack of Security
Sometimes working with an IT service management partner means that you need to share confidential data with the third-party provider. Because security is of the utmost importance to both your company and your customers, we take special measures to ensure that your data is protected from signing non-disclosure agreements to running security audits on your site.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Project Management Services

Work with Highly Experienced Team
You may have an experienced in-house IT team, but third-party service providers work with a range of different companies across many industries, which gives them a wider range of experience. Partnering with a project management partner will bring new perspectives and a deeper understanding of IT issues to your team to help enhance your operations.

Allow In-House Employees More Time
When you decide to outsource some of the day-to-day responsibilities associated with IT, you’re granting your in-house employees more time. This can be extremely valuable to your company as your in-house team now has more opportunities to focus on important projects and bigger picture ideas rather than troubleshooting tech issues and conducting more mundane day-to-day duties.

More Cost Efficient
Though many people think that paying a third-party company to outsource some of your work will cost more, it reduces your costs in the long run. Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring another in-house person — and it provides you with an entire team of people rather than just a single new employee. Working with a project management partner like Nearshore provides access to programs and hardware that can be very expensive to purchase on your own.

Broaden Scope of Ideas
Allowing someone outside of your organization to help with IT projects is a great way to find new solutions and get fresh perspectives. Project management companies have a vast amount of experience in IT, so they may bring up issues or propose solutions that you haven’t considered before. This outside knowledge can greatly benefit your company and may even help to spark new ideas for your in-house team.

The Takeaway:
Although outsourcing your IT project management services may sound like a risky undertaking, it’s really an advantageous way to improve your IT services and grow your business. Working with the right partner like Nearshore can provide you access to a knowledge team with years of experience. You’ll still have control over your own projects, but you’ll be saving money, time, and bringing new ideas to the table. NearShore’s focus on communication and transparency will ensure that you have access to progress reports and customer support when you need it, and we’ll provide top-level security to make sure your data is protected.

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