Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support Services for your Business

Partnering with a managed service provider to outsource your application support will improve internal business operations and decrease spending.


  • Dec 2, 2020
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Benefits of Outsourcing Application Support Services for your Business

With mobile design and business technology becoming increasingly important for digital marketing efforts and user experience, most major enterprises have an app development team. However, managing and supporting these apps can be an all-consuming job that takes time away from more essential business operations. While having an in-house IT or application development team can be useful, outsourcing some responsibilities such as application support will take the burden off of your employees and improve performance. 

If you don’t have designated app developers on staff, partnering with a company that offers application development services can grow your business without adding another project to your own team’s workload. Here are some of the top reasons enterprises choose to outsource application support.

Focus on More Vital Business Operations

become consumed with maintaining routine tasks such as updating firewalls, overseeing compliance standards, and offering application support. However, there are much more valuable projects that your in-house team can be working on. Of course, each of these mundane tasks are vital to properly operating an enterprise, but outsourcing tasks like app support will provide your employees with the opportunity to create and develop processes and products to grow your business, not simply maintain.

Expert Support

Working with a managed service provider like Nearshore Technology opens up access to tech experts with years of experience in application development and support. Our technology consultants can supplement your team to help meet your specific goals and objectives. Having the opportunity to consult with highly skilled experts in the field will improve your application development and support for a better outcome.

Reduce Spending

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to cut costs because it’s less expensive than hiring full-time employees to perform more trivial tasks. About 60 percent of outsourcing is connected to IT needs and 59 percent of companies state that cutting costs was their top reasoning for outsourcing.

Outsourcing application support also saves money by improving in-house employees’ efficiency. They no longer need to spend time troubleshooting app issues, meaning they can create greater value within the company by shifting their focus to more important projects, increasing productivity.

Update Legacy Apps

Many corporations have existing legacy applications and software that are still valuable to the company but may not be up-to-date. Partnering with a managed service provider that offers application support and development is a good opportunity to give your legacy applications a facelift. Customer behavior and patterns change over time as do industry standards, which is why legacy software and applications should be updated regularly to match. It’s often more cost effective to maintain your legacy software but invest in modernization to increase effectiveness and efficiency.. 

Improve App Performance

With a team strictly dedicated to application support, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly review and improve upon your existing apps to continually enhance your operations. Unfortunately, small updates and changes can fall to the wayside with in-house teams as they attempt to manage small but necessary tasks and larger scale operational projects. Outsourcing your application development and support shifts these tasks to another team who can dedicate their time to continually develop your applications for optimal performance. 

The Takeaway

Application support is a vital aspect to any business as technology becomes more ingrained in nearly every industry. Shifting troubleshooting responsibilities to a third-party team can actually improve your existing applications with a greater level of supervision and reduce some of the burden placed on your in-house employees. Outsourcing application support and development reduces overhead and risk while increasing productivity by freeing up time for full-time employees to focus their efforts on more essential business needs. Nearshore Technology can provide only the most talented and skilled application developers to assist your business and boost productivity.

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