5 Must Haves of a Great Technology Partner

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  • Jul 29, 2021
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5 Must Haves of a Great Technology Partner

Running a business is no small feat, and as your business grows, there comes a need to scale, which can be difficult to manage on your own. With growth often comes new problems that require solutions. For example, your IT needs have outgrown your in-house IT team and you don’t have the means to hire an entire new staff. The solution? Working with a technology partner that offers services like team enhancement will give you greater access to expert tech knowledge at a more affordable price than the cost of new employees’ salaries.

The word “partner” is essential here because companies that offer these types of services should be focused on creating a true partnership between your two organizations, helping you work towards your goals by boosting your company’s access to useful resources and knowledge.

What Makes a Great Technology Partner?

A Focus on Collaboration
As mentioned, a technology partner should be just that — a partner. Think of your arrangement as an agreement between two separate parties to reach specifically defined goals. Your technology partner company should make it clear to you that they are there to complement your current staff and implement solutions that are actualization in a collaborative way. Some people worry that working with an outside company will mean losing control of projects or certain aspects of the business, but this isn’t the case. You want a technology partner who is focused on enhancing your business, not controlling your IT needs.

Clear Goals and Objectives
When you initially enter a partnership with a company that offers premium technology services, it’s important to sit down and set specific goals and objectives for the partnership. These topics are usually discussed prior to agreeing to work together as you’ll want to present the technology partner with some of the problems you want to address and hear real suggestions on how their company can help you reach your goals. Have a meeting with your third-party team and create a physical list of both short-term and long-term goals that you want to accomplish through the partnership.

Easy and Convenient Communication
Because this type of business relationship is supposed to be a partnership, communication should be a key component to your technology partner’s strategy. When looking for a technology partner, ask companies what their communication process is like, how often they meet with companies they are partnered with (both virtually and in-person), and what types of reports they will send to keep you updated on project progress.

Shared Resources
One of the greatest benefits to working with a technology partner is that you are granted access to their IT resources, many of which are expensive and not worth investing in for your on-site building. This is one of the reasons so many companies opt to work with a company offering technology services. As previously mentioned, paying for monthly services is cheaper than hiring new in-house employees, and it’s also cheaper than investing in new software and hardware. Technology changes rapidly in today’s industry, which means you may need to invest in new platforms and services, but this can get expensive. Working with a technology partner means that you can pay their monthly flat rate for chosen services, giving you access to technology they already have without needing to invest fully in the software/hardware.

Emphasize Transparency
Any technology partner that focuses on transparency is the type of company that you should be looking to work with. This type of partnership requires open communication to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve. And, who knows your business better than you? Your technology partner company should be inviting you to all relevant strategy and planning meetings to keep you involved in the process and update you on progress for your current projects and goals.

NearShore as a Technology Partner
NearShore offers several different technology services as solutions. Selecting the right one depends on your own company’s needs and agenda.

Design-to-build projects: For any company looking to complement their current team on shorter-term projects, this is the right NearShore service for you. Design-to-build projects focus on building a collaborative partnership to get your project done more quickly and with expert advice.

Team enhancement: When you need a more long-term partnership, NearShore’s team enhancement is the best option. We conduct a vigorous interview process from our pool of qualified candidates to create the team best suited for your specific needs. Our team enhancement process focuses heavily on regular communication and full transparency.

Managed services: If you’re looking to cut costs in your IT department, our managed services are a good option to consider as it can reduce your cost of maintenance and provide access to expensive hardware. Managed services will help enhance your IT organization and optimize performance.

Working with a Technology Partner Will Help You See Results
Having access to a team of experts dedicated to your company and its projects is immensely helpful and can save you money in the long run. Be sure to look for these five must-haves before partnering with a technology services company. You want to work with a company like NearShore that makes you part of the project and keeps your team updated every step of the way.

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