5 Benefits of a Structured Partner Success Methodology

5 Benefits of a Structured Partner Success Methodology


  • Jun 28, 2021
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5 Benefits of a Structured Partner Success Methodology

Creating useful relationships by partnering with other companies can be very advantageous to your business, especially when it comes to IT. Technology changes so rapidly in today’s world, that it’s essential to have knowledgeable experts working on your applications and platforms at all times in order to deliver a great user experience (UX) and build brand loyalty.

In-house IT teams can get bogged by mundane tech-related tasks, which takes time away from more innovative projects and responsibilities. Finding a company like NearShore that implements a structured partner success methodology is the perfect way to strengthen your IT department while remaining in control of the department and IT-related projects.

Five Benefits of a Structured Partner Success Methodology

Access to IT Experts
When you partner with another company, you want to create a shared vision with the same goals and values in mind. In order to achieve partner success, it’s important that there’s a mutual understanding between both parties. Working with an IT business partner will grant you access to knowledge experts in the field that can help your business reach its goals. Prior to selecting a technology partner, it’s best to discuss manageable objectives and potential solutions. IT business partners work with a wide range of different companies across different industries, giving their employees a unique skill set that can be utilized to your advantage.

Insights into Projects
Some companies worry that partnering with another IT company will diminish the company’s role in its own IT ventures, but a technology partner that implements a partner success methodology will make sure to always keep open lines of communication and include your company’s in-house team on any and all projects. Regular progress reports will be made, which can help provide further insight into your IT department, highlighting potential problems and implementing good solutions.

Better UX
A dedicated technology partner is meant to understand your goals and actively work to reach them. UX is a huge part of IT today because a poor UX can negatively impact your business in a matter of seconds. With so many competitors online, having a website that loads too slowly or features a poor checkout process can lead customers to look elsewhere for products and services. With an experienced team of IT experts working for your company, you can rest assured that updates and new features to improve UX will be a priority.

Allow In-House Employees Additional Time and Resources
Companies with an in-hour IT team often find that the department becomes overwhelmed with too many IT responsibilities from basic system maintenance to more long-term projects. Partnering with a technology company can free up some of your in-house team's time to work on more important strategic projects. Your technology partner will keep you in the loop with regular communication on their own progress to allow your IT department to pursue more essential business-related tasks.

Cost Savings
Although some people think that partnering with a technology company will cost more money, it’s a great way to reduce spending. Hiring a technology partner is more cost effective than hiring new in-house team members, and it reduces the cost of purchasing expensive new hardware and software. With a technology partner, you’ll have access to their IT resources, so you only pay for what you need and don’t have to vest big sums of money in technology that you may not even use.

NearShore’s Partner Success Methodology
When you use NearShore as a technology partner, we want you to think of our team as an extension of your own. Using our partner success methodology, we develop a partnership plan together, which outlines shared goals and discusses strategies to grow your business and meet your objectives. Our partner success process involves a lot of communication with progress pulse — updates on schedules and project progress— and health check — more updates on improvement planning and a discussion of next steps. Business reviews and a WIP report are also major aspects of our partner success methodology. These reports include financial data and how your finances are being used to reach your goals.

Our Goal is Your Success
We call our methodology “partner success” for a reason. Here at NearShore, we hope to make an impact through every one of our partner relationships, and we want to help you reach your goals, which is why we developed a structured process to achieve partner success. Through regular communication, insightful reports and reviews and team transparency, we will help you improve your process and deliver great results to help your business grow.

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