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The heart & soul of Nearshore Technology

We founded NearShore Technology because we saw a better way to serve the complex needs of CTOs, CIOs, and IT leaders.

Our mission is to ADD VALUE to our customers, our employees, our stakeholders, our communities, our countries, and our world.

Our customers experience a work ethic unlike any they’ve ever known. They work with a best of breed business model. They realize results they’ve never encountered. They become our partners and our friends.

Most importantly, they return time and again to NearShore and all the benefits of doing business close to home - Welcome to NearShore!

with us

We’ve built the A team that clients want on their projects and that our employees are proud to be a part of. In fact, we have a 98% retention rate.


Work ethic is anchored by a genuine passion for service and respect for others


Transparency is a big deal. We value honest, proactive communication and openness


Yes, we understand our technologies. But we also focus on understanding our customers


Business today advances through innovation - by embracing change and building a better way.


We have three offices in two of Mexico's greatest cities


There’s a spirit in the City of Angels that you really must experience. Famous for our historic churches, it’s said we have a church for every day of the year!


How can a city with such fine weather be so full of techies? This is a city of parks and promenades, of theaters and a flourishing restaurant scene.

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Clients count on our technical expertise and service excellence in three key areas.


Let’s make your dream team a reality. Our clients say our people quickly become a part of their teams, lifting the quality level of projects and enhancing a culture of excellence.

project & product

In every engagement, we align our solution to your needs to help you achieve your product and cost goals.


Experienced IT leaders understand these six simple words: you get what you pay for. In other words, lowering your IT costs at the expense of service and performance will ultimately increase your total cost of ownership


Our clients. Our employees.

People are what make difference.


Gabriel Apodaca, CEO


Specializing in the high technology, financial and healthcare sectors

Healthcare organizations come to NearShore for responsible, hands-on IT solutions created and delivered by accountable business professionals. Our relentless focus on quality and elevated service levels sets us apart, especially from offshoring solutions.



experience the certainty and commitment of a true business partner

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