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better interaction at a lower cost leads to greater quality and productivity

what is

Near • shor • ing n. The transfer of a company’s IT processes to a nearby country, thus creating significant benefits related to geographic proximity, cultural synergies, business logistics and cost savings. Many U.S corporations are eliminating the challenges of “offshoring” by sourcing IT expertise closer to home where the benefits far outweigh the challenges and ROI is assured.

A new and completely untapped world of IT productivity recently has been discovered right here in North America. The information technology industry in Mexico is growing at a staggering pace as innovation hubs and technology parks are popping up in accessible, safe and exotic locations. Every year, Mexico graduates over 90,000 students with technology and engineering degrees.

North America is on the move


The country offers intellectual property rights protection and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows goods and services to flow freely between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This remarkable and emerging marketplace has caught the attention of U.S. companies as they continue to land on the nearby shores of Mexico’s information technology boom. This growing wave is quickly approaching $15 billion in annual revenue for outsourced IT services and it shows no signs of slowing down.

nearshore vs offshore


Over the last 15 years, outsourcing to offshore countries has exploded as companies seek to significantly lower their information technology costs. For many industries, information technology costs represent major expenses and, therefore, a significant opportunity for efficiencies and savings.

Most large companies continue to outsource IT processes overseas to "offshore" countries like India or China. This practice has even become a point of embarrassment, as the thought of calling to the other side of the world for the simplest of support services seems ridiculous.

As the demand for information technology services increases, offshoring has struggled to provide a balance of customer service and responsiveness to the U.S. market, leaving many companies dissatisfied, but also leaving an opportunity for IT providers willing to create a nearshore solution.

Nearshoring is a completely different approach to IT outsourcing, delivering the ROI companies have been searching for in IT outsourcing partnerships, without the issues and problems arising from offshoring.