Better Together Break out Session

Better Together Summit, Merida 2018

On February 26 and 27 we hosted in Merida the 2nd Annual Better Together Summit with our BD Software Partners. Approximately 35 people from India, Ireland and San Diego came for the summit. Our visitors stayed at the Hotel Presidente, which is close to Paseo Montejo.

The venue for the summit was Hacienda Santa Cruz. Activities began on Monday by introducing the objectives and the theme. After that, we continued with a reminder of Who we are, What we do, and Why we are Here. Then, our Vision and Strategy. Later, attendees had lunch while enjoying the view of the Hacienda. Other topics covered on Monday were the Future of Our Product Technologies, Getting Better, Faster and Smarter in Everything We Do, and Our Path Forward to Ensure Success.

We kick-started Tuesday with Morning Yoga Flow, a routine set by Edoho Grobelny, who belongs to BD and is a registered yoga instructor. The hosts of the two groups of yoga classes were Liz Martin and Alma Corona. After yoga, people had breakfast and departed towards the hacienda for the second-day activities. There were breakout sessions during four hours and next, lunch and social time. After that, some people did local tourism before the end of the Summit.

Sharing this experience with our partner BD Adds Value to our relationship. And adding value will help us in the projects that we currently have and the ones to come.