Our mission is to add value to our customers, our employees, our stakeholders, our communities, our countries, and our world


All too often the employee retention rate of your technology partners cripples your innovation and delivery. We believe that by treating people well, everything else falls into place.

Technology fuels the passion we have for our work, but our bond as a family is the ingredient that makes it all work. When you join the NearShore family, you stop working in silos and become a part of a selfless mission to make everything around you better - your family, team, and projects.

This unique approach has fostered a work environment unmatched in innovation capacity that is overflowing with talent. Who is NearShore Technology? We are people who have a passion for technology and care deeply for each other... a family!


be rich

A team of NearShore Technology volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort to go out into communities close to our homes and workplaces, building relationships and serving the people.

Our primary goal is to bring the idea of higher education to groups of children who may otherwise not be guided in that direction, through our STEAM program. We share a love for science, engineering, art and math. We want to empower kids to move from primary school to secondary, on to universities, and ultimately to find fulfilling work.

be well

We have designed an environment where healthy habits are encouraged, and resources are available to improve personal wellness, every single day. We have a Staff Nutritionist and currently over 100 employees meet privately with her to discuss their personal health goals. We are providing opportunities to learn how each person can nourish and care for their bodies.