Yancy W. Riddle - Senior Vice President of Operations and Healthcare Practice

yancy w. riddle, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer Latin America

Yancy Riddle was previously the President and CEO of Sixth Sense, a medical technology integration provider. He has built his career on rigorous educational training and 20 years of manufacturing experience in the U.S., North America, Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East and parts of Latin America. He started at the product and process design level, followed by technical sales, then progressed to R&D, product, quality control, technology, and operations management roles, all with P&L responsibility. He brings to NearShore both a breadth and depth of experience from medical device, aerospace, electrical components, automotive, primary materials, military, oil and gas, coating services, and the solar/LED fields.

“We built NearShore around employees and clients - people working well together to solve problems and to make advancements. Yes, we have all the software skills of a world-class IT outsourcing partner, but what sets us apart is our collaborative attitude and process-driven approach. It's interesting, inspiring really, to see how a focus on people makes such a dramatic improvement in productivity.”

Mr. Riddle was inducted to Georgia Tech's Council of Young Leaders for significant contributions to technology and society, and has served on a variety of business development boards, U.S. government national advisories, academic appointments, and corporate boards.

Mr. Riddle’s education includes a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, an MSc and Ph.D. in Materials Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Business Leadership PLD at Harvard University Business School.