Gabriel J. Apodaca, CEO

gabriel j. apodaca

President and Chief Executive Officer

Why I founded NST

For the past 20 years the US has been outsourcing IT jobs and functions to other parts of the world. Two decades may sound like a long time for an industry, but it is a very short amount of time within IT.

Fortune 500 companies now know what works and what does not work for their organizations. Outsourcing repeatable functions with well-defined and highly managed processes appears to work well, but for mission critical projects that need high amount of collaboration and communication in English with business users, these work threads need and demand a different model to ensure success. Fortune 500 companies have spent thousands of man hours and cost on forcing an outsourcing solution with countries 12 time zones away, only to find higher cost and extended or unusable solutions. Some of the larger more egregious behaviors companies have had to deal with are the theft of a protected product or process, as well as the sale of their software, relabeled and rebranded.


NearShore Technology was founded to help solve the numerous issues experienced by Fortune 500 companies. NearShore has two offices. Our first office is in Merida, which is nestled in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula and is referred to as the City of Peace! Merida was founded by the French, has a very European feel and is blossoming with industry and culture. Our other location is in Puebla, known as the City of Angels. This architectural enriched city was founded by the Spaniards, which to this day plays a critical role in Mexico’s history and tomorrow’s future! Puebla hosts Volkswagen, Audi, Coca-Cola bottling and may other fortune 500 firms.


Latin America, specifically Mexico solve the proximity, time zone and communication struggles allowing for self-directed teams to complete their work on time and collaborate with business users. Our NAFTA agreement allows easy passage from Mexico to the US for work purposes, allowing deployment teams to work shoulder to shoulder with mission critical needs happen. And with NAFTA and other legal agreements between our countries US firms are protected and have recourse against broken contractual commitments.



The biggest reasons we started NearShore Technology are the benefits:
  1. Wonderful people
  2. Great service
  3. Amazing location
  4. Cultural Synergy
  5. Close Proximity
  6. IP protection
  7. Affordable travel



Our logo was created with a desire to represent the synergy that long has existed between the US and Mexico. It encompasses the movement of commerce, encapsulating the global environment of our fast moving industry, and to appeal and express the vivid color of the Latin American culture; the balance that clearly exist in our world and our relationships.



The underlying principles that have guided our company center around people, with this in mind our mission statement was developed simply as “ADD VALUE”. Add Value to our clients, to our employees, to our stakeholders, to our communities, to our country and to our world.

Our people are taught that alignment with our customer's goals are paramount to their success and ultimately our success. Our people are warm, caring, intelligent, creative and professional, which brings the spirit of family to our company.

Raised In SD

Raised in North San Diego county, I have been blessed to see this city when farm lands, ranchers, ponds and open fields were in higher numbers than our buildings and roads. Over the past 50 years San Diego has transformed from a Navy town, to one of the epicenters of technology! Coined the silicon beach; high tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government and defense industries continue to bring rich opportunities, jobs and diversity to the city. Having spent 44 years in San Diego, I raised a family and three boys into men. While I am no longer a resident San Diego, it will always be home for me with fond memories of growing up, biking, running, swimming, surfing and hiking the outdoors.

My life changed on April 15, 2007 on a Sunday morning when providence would intervene and a closed heart was introduced to what would be my love, my partner and my wife. As Garth sings it so well, “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayer … just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care, some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayer”! Today Sheri and I both have the privilege of leading, serving and working for NearShore Technology.