Yancy Riddle invited to Georgia Tech CoE Advisory Board

  • Jul 1, 2020
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Yancy Riddle invited to Georgia Tech CoE Advisory Board

Dr. Yancy W. Riddle has been invited by Georgia Tech’s Dean of Engineering, Steven W. McLaughlin, to join the College of Engineering (CoE) advisory board starting on July 1, 2020.  The advisory board consists of approximately 35 leaders who serve as a source of strategic vision and as a sounding board to provide the Dean with feedback and advice regarding priorities and directions for engineering education and research.   

Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering provides formal education and research in over ten different engineering disciplines. The CoE is composed of more than 14,000 enrolled students and 500 faculty, 30 of whom are in the National Academy of Engineering.  It is the largest College of Engineering program in the USA, and the top producer of engineering PhD’s in the country. There are 100,000 living alumni of Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering. The engineering programs at Georgia Tech are always ranked in the top ten in the USA and are often ranked #1. Georgia Tech is one of the highest ranked universities in the world. 

“It has been my dream and life-long pursuit to translate academic ingenuity into societal benefit through commercial efforts.  Georgia Tech continues to give me the opportunities to do exactly that. I’m extremely proud of my 24-year long relationship with Georgia Tech, and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve at a strategic level.  I love being able to bring back my real-world, global experiences and influence the Georgia Tech perspective, programs, and people. I am honored it is valued.  I believe in a mutually beneficial relationship between industry and academia, I couldn’t dream of a better model than what we have between Georgia Tech and NearShore, and it really is something special to be the bridge between the two.” 

NearShore enjoys a very productive relationship with Georgia Tech through a constant stream of internships, international programs, research grant participation, innovation councils, speaking engagements, and mentorship of student-led companies in the CREATE-X entrepreneurship program.  In early 2020, NearShore hosted the first ever Georgia Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship forum in Latin America in Monterrey, Mexico which will now become an annual event. 

“In my capacity as advisor to Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, I hope to continue influencing the entrepreneurial culture, establish stronger and more productive ties with Latin America, and further develop the influences digital transformation and digital innovation have on engineering.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank the many people of NearShore and Georgia Tech who have supported this relationship and this nomination.” 

Dr. Riddle is the recipient of several degrees and honorariums from Georgia Tech. 

  • MSc Materials Science and Engineering 

  • PhD Materials Science and Engineering 

  • Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni 

  • Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni 

  • School of Materials Science & Engineering advisory board (emeritus) 


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