Mexico – Latin Work Ethic in the Technology Sector

The Washington Post reported that since 2011, U.S. investors have been pouring funds into Mexico’s “Digital Creative City.”

  • Apr 25, 2019
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Mexico – Latin Work Ethic in the Technology Sector

Latin America is a hotbed of industrial activity because of the hardworking culture of its employees. In its international talent acquisition effort, Microsoft has set its eyes on Mexico’s 30 million millennials to help “change the world”. Similarly, tech companies like IBM, Intel, Oracle, and others have recently set up locations throughout Mexico. The appeal? A loyal work force with a great work ethic. When compared to other countries, such as India, Mexico is where the smart money is investing. It has become a magnet for world-leading tech companies.

The backbone of every successful company lies in its ability to retain talented technology professionals. Although companies may have access to a constant supply of people in India, attrition rates for outsourcing to Indian companies are well over 50%. Even worse, Indian education is ranked consistently low  internationally.  Recently, the President of India called out the private and for-profit universities for destroying the quality of Indian tertiary education.

Conversely, the OECD in its recent report praised Mexico for achieving high graduation rates among its university population. Mexico is currently home to more than 1,200 universities and graduates 4.4 million students a year - 25% of whom specialize in information technology. Computer science talent is abundant in Mexico, offering U.S. companies the intelligence and competence their IT departments are looking for.

Mexico has become a technology hub. Businesses that want to quickly scale and access affordable and quality-centric IT resources are using Mexico as a viable option for talent.

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