How to Grow Your Business with a Managed Service Provider

Using a managed service provider can help shift certain company responsibilities to a third-party company that provides 24/7 support and frees up employees’ time for more important tasks. 


  • May 17, 2021
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How to Grow Your Business with a Managed Service Provider

How to Grow Your Business with a Managed Service Provider 

What is a Managed Service Provider? 
A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party company that provides additional resources and support for a predetermined set of responsibilities and tasks. The purpose of a managed service provider is to eliminate some of your in-house employees' workload, and it’s often a good way to cut down on expenses. Many people used managed services for IT needs, human resources departments or payroll duties. Additionally application development and support are two other common services that these types of contracted companies can provide.  

Business Growth Opportunities 

Cost Savings 
Working with a managed service provider is an excellent way to reduce costs. Although you are paying a third-party to provide a service for your company, the pricing is often less expensive than hiring new in-house staff members, purchasing new hardware, or paying for software and application updates. A managed service provider already has the software and equipment you need to complete certain tasks, so paying the company to carry out responsibilities is cheaper than investing in resources you may not need or use often enough to get your money’s worth. With a managed service provider, you’ll only need to pay for the services that you actually use. 

Shared Infrastructure Responsibilities 
Managed service providers are able to monitor your infrastructure 24 hours a day, making your network much more secure and providing the ability to pick up on issues right away. Sharing the responsibility of monitoring and running your system’s infrastructure can provide a better experience for both users and employees in addition to ensuring that your system is always functioning properly. 

Centralized Cloud Network 
Having a centralized cloud network is a huge advantage to your enterprise as it allows for more flexibility and accessibility. A managed service provider can maintain all your data and applications in one cloud center, making it easier to deploy changes and new applications. With cloud-based infrastructure, your employees can access data at any time from any location, making it easier to work and address problems outside of the normal workplace. This greater level of flexibility can improve your business’s overall operations and help it to grow.  

How a Managed Service Provider can Jumpstart Your Growth  

More Attention to Project Management 
As your business grows, so do your business’ needs. It can be expensive to continually add to your in-house team as your needs increase, which is where a managed service provider comes in. This third-party team can be responsible for specific projects and offer additional IT support outside of your own employees’ skills and responsibilities. A MSP typically has a great deal of experience with different types of projects, so it adds an extra layer of experience to your operations. With a managed service provider focusing on specific projects, you are freeing up your in-house employees’ time to focus on other important business-related projects.  

Increased IT Support 
One of the most common managed service partner responsibilities is IT support. MSPs can help with everything from application development to new software deployment. Greater IT support is helpful to growing your business as it allows you to add new website features, create new applications and enhance the overall UX. It can also improve internal operations by offering better intercompany communication. 

Enhanced Automation 
Having a MSP handle your website services will allow greater automation options. For example, automated security updates, which protects your company and customer data as well as reducing the risk of non-compliance. When security measures are automatically updated, you no longer need to pay an employee to manually install updates, again providing him or her with more time for in-depth business operations that will grow the business.  

The Takeaway: 
If you’re looking for a way to cut costs, improve your IT operations, and grow your business, using a managed service provider is essential. These companies offer round-the-clock support, so you know that your applications and website are always running without issues and can implement automation tactics to increase security and reduce risk. With a MSP managing specific projects for your company, you can focus your in-house team on more essential projects and responsibilities to take your company to the next level. 

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