How a Year of Working from Home Changed The Way we Look at Outsourcing

Learn more about how outsourcing services can boost productivity while also enriching your teams with expert knowledge.


  • Oct 21, 2021
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How a Year of Working from Home Changed The Way we Look at Outsourcing

How 2020 Pushed Us to Learn to Work from Home
Because of the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, everyone experienced changes in their daily routine and work life. Many people experienced what it was like to work from home full-time for the first time in their careers — and companies realized that remote work could actually be successful.

Learning how to navigate Zoom, focus on work responsibilities while also caring for children and/or pets, and creating office spaces within our homes were all part of the learning curve that was 2020. But, a lot of good actually came out of work from home experiences, including a new view of outsourcing. As companies realized that it is possible to work with remote teams in a collaborative and successful manner, more businesses turned to outsourcing services to enhance their teams.

But, full-time employees can rest assured that more outsourcing doesn’t mean less in-house jobs. For many companies, remote outsourcing areas of its IT department or using a remote team to augment special in-house projects can help lessen full-employees’ burden of responsibilities and offer new perspectives to enhance overall business productivity.

How We Learned that Working from Home is Successful
With remote work comes a natural increase in flexibility for employees. As we saw over the last year and half, this change in daily work schedule actually helped improve efficiency, increase employee's satisfaction, and lower costs as businesses don’t need to dish out as much more to lease a physical office if most of their employees work from home.

Though childcare was a struggle for many working parents during the pandemic, this specific issue has subsided as schools returned to normal operations and parents were no longer responsible for watching their children at home while simultaneously trying to work. Because of this, working from home has become the preferred scenario for many employees and employers.

How the Changed the Way We Look at Outsourcing
As we began to see the benefits of working from home, businesses also started considering the benefits of outsourcing services. Judging from the fact that full-time employees were performing well and staying productive from home, it only makes sense that remote outsourcing teams could offer the same level of efficiency while also providing expert skills in a given field.

Our rapid acceptance of collaborative tools like project management software, inter-company communication systems like Slack, and video call programs like Zoom has helped open our eyes to how efficiently we can work together even while we’re apart.

Outsourcing Might be the Right Solution For You
Enterprises looking to expand their remote teams or recruit extra help for a specific project should consider using outsourcing services. With the wider acceptance of remote work has come a wider acceptance of outsourcing services as companies begin to see the advantages of working from home — like reduced costs and in many cases increased productivity.

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