A Technology Partner You Want to Visit!

Mexico is the perfect partner, low attrition rates and a two-hour flight away.

  • Feb 4, 2019
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A Technology Partner You Want to Visit!

The search for a technology partner that provides an experience that is successful and rewarding can be like searching for the perfect margarita. The best way to celebrate a completed project is with a margarita served with the finest Tequila in the World.

U.S. companies derive many benefits by hiring technology resources in Mexico. Access to sophisticated talent, a reliable work force, and hardworking technology professionals are a few of the many benefits.

Choosing the right technology partner can improve the time to market and lower your total cost of ownership. Here are a few key items to consider when selecting a technology partner:

1. People – Can you select your team and retain them? Employee retention is the most critical issue in Technology.

2. References – Do they have references from a Fortune 100 Company? Reliability, scalability, and security are important.

3. Corporate Form – Are they headquartered in the United States with a clear understanding of corporate law, risk, and IP issues?

4. Infrastructure – Is your team located in a country with First World IP infrastructure?

5. Location, Location, Location – Is your team in a similar time zone, and in a place your management team will visit?

Come Visit NearShore, the Margaritas are on us!

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