Nearshore Technology LLC

Data Engineer



•    Write reliable software to ingest, transform and distribute data into our internal applications.
•    Manage our data from ingestion through ETL to storage and batch processing.
•    Design and develop resilient pipelines using a variety of different technologies.
•    Drive the advancement of data infrastructure by developing and implementing underlying logic and structure for how data is set up, cleansed and stored.
•    Scope points of failure and create alerts to ensure continual data availability, accuracy and cleanliness.
•    Partner with development and SEO teams to deliver data solutions that meet internal requirements within agreed upon timelines.
•    Monitor and remediate data quality issues.
•    Process semi-structured data into a form suitable for analysis.
•    Provide ad-hoc queries and analysis as needed.
•    Maintain detailed requirements/design/technical documentation for new and existing components.
•    Automate, test and harden all data workflows using tools such as AWS triggers and lambda handlers. 

Other skills (Desired)

•    Python PEP 8 code style
•    Docker
•    ORM (SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, other)
•    Python Packages: Scrapy, Pandas, Requests, Numpy
•    Apache Spark / PySpark or AWS Glue
•    Apache Airflow, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena 


•    3+ years’ experience in processing data with Python, SQL, and other data tools.
•    2+ years’ experience working with back-end data systems to create, process, and clean data.
•    2+ years ‘experience in developing automated ETL solutions.
•    Familiarity with version control systems (preferably Git).
•    Familiarity with manipulating data frames and Pandas.
•    Experience maintaining and updating a data warehouse.
•    Experience accessing data via Web Services and external/non-SQL datasets.
•    Proficient with Data Visualization Tools (e.g. - Matplotlib, Superset, or Other).
•    Ability to refactor portions of an existing product currently implemented in Python, Perl and PostgreSQL.
•    Amazon Web Services experience (AWS) - EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, Glue, Data Pipeline, Boot.


  • Relocation Package  
  • Permanent - Full Time Job  
  • Work from Mon through Fri. WE LEAVE EARLY ON FRIDAYS! 
  • Upper MX Law Benefits including Medical Insurance with Dental Discounts 
  • 100% Payroll scheme  
  • Career Path 
  • Cool offices and a collaborative environment  
  • American Company culture  
  • Health & Wellness program for employees