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Technology fuels the passion we have for work, but our bond as a family is the ingredient that makes it all work. When you join the NearShore Family, you stop ‘working’ and become a selfless mission to make everything around you better, your family, team, projects… The ‘NearShore culture’ is a grassroots effort to spread happiness, that happens to be fueled by technology.

This unique approach has fostered a work environment unmatched in innovation capacity that is overflowing with talent. We’ve watched developers turn into industry experts and team members become regional supervisors. Who is NearShore Technology? People who have a passion for technology and care deeply for each other… a family!

love & passion

cafeteria, Mérida

Our benefits include:

Superior Infrastructure

Our investment in equipment and connectivity is unmatched in Latin America. We have multi-redundant systems for both power and internet connectivity. In line with our infrastructure, team members are equipped with the best computing products in the marketplace.

Financial Literacy

Employees have access to financial guidance services to help them make long term plans that will ensure the financial stability of their families.

Private Health Insurance

Access to high quality medical care is at the core of our benefits plan. All employees enjoy access to top-tier private medical institutions as well as an in-house nutritionist.


Our clients. Our employees.

People are what make the difference.

Gabriel J Apodaca, CEO