Gulf Of Mexico

What to visit around Merida

Motul, Telchac and San Crisanto

Tips for the Nearshore Tourist

Merida is a city peculiar because of its Mayan heritage, memories of the henequen’s economy, the beautiful sightseeing, and its location, close to many other touristic places. There are some tours that you can book online, at some travel agencies or that you can follow directly.

Have you heard of the breakfast dish huevos motuleños? Visit Motul, the town that coined that name. Motul is 43 km away from Merida. In order to make most of your day, arrive early, and go straight to the market. There are different options for breakfast on the second floor. You should definitely try the huevos motuleños, accompanied with a cool beverage -horchata is a good option to go with. While you enjoy your breakfast, listen to the live music played by local elderly and relax. After having your breakfast, you might check the handicrafts sold at the market.

After that, visit some of the beaches nearby. You may go 12 km to visit Telchac Puerto, where you can take pictures of seagulls and other birds. If you want to go for a swim or only soak your feet, head east 8.7 km to San Crisanto. The beach there has few visitors, mainly local people, so it is quiet and relaxing. There, pay attention to the sound of the waves flapping on the shore and the wind moving the palm leaves. You can also have a picnic (just remember to be green and pick up the leftovers), or if you do not want to bring your own food, travel a little bit further and have lunch at Progreso.

On the way back, you will feel invigorated by your day trip to the sea.