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Merida Rally 2018

Be Well Health Rally

Health Rally at Merida

Deon Lourens is NearShore’s Corporate Fitness Coach. He has more than 30 years of training and coaching. As part of the Be Well program, Deon led health rallies in Puebla and Merida. We are going to talk about the one in Merida.

Our families could join us the first two days of activities. On Sunday we went to the Salvador Alvarado Stadium and learned more about the benefits of exercise. We stretched and then the adults grouped in teams. There were different competitions and we recorded the time that each team took for completion of the tasks. The kids also had fun activities and ran a lot. It was a sunny, bright day that tested our will. Everyone was encouraged to participate as much as they wanted to. Some people were fierce competitors and others just wanted to jog or walk.

Monday was even more special, and families came along too. We went to La Paz Park at Progreso and chose whether to run, walk or bike. Meanwhile, kids enjoyed a bounce house. Then, those who wanted to kayak had the opportunity to do so. People went kayaking and/or swimming and had a lot of fun. To recover some energy, we dined baguettes before returning to Merida.


Walking at the pier
Walking at the pier


On Tuesday, we met at the main square. After gathering the teams, we began a scavenger hunt that made us go through downtown, the beginning of Paseo Montejo and back where we had begun. It was a lot of fun and each team went at its own pace. Some took cabs or buses in parts of the road and others completed it by foot. At the end we had a small raffle and called it a day.


Deon speaking
Last day of the rally


At NearShore we care about the well-being of our employees. And we promote their involvement in fitness activities and a healthy lifestyle.