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Registering to IMSS Clinics

People who work in Mexico have access to health services provided by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS, for its name in Spanish.) Medical services such as check-ups, appointments, prescribed medication or even lab studies or referrals to specialists are provided in outpatient clinics. Patients need to be registered in a clinic to receive attention there. You can locate the clinics within your postal code or even register using the IMSS app “IMSS Digital”. The app is free and you can download it at the App Store or Google Play.

When you open the app, there will be three icons: A location pointer for “Ubica” (Locate), a fingerprint for “Tramita” (Obtain) and a heart for “Salud” (Health.)

How to locate a clinic within a Postal Code

1. Click the location pointer icon and then choose “Clínica por código postal” (Clinic per Postal Code.)

2. Type the postal code. The app displays the clinics in the area.

Registering in a Clinic

Click the fingerprint icon and then choose “Alta o cambio de clínica” (Sign-up or change to another clinic.)

The app displays your name as well as the name and address of the clinic assigned to you. It also displays “Cómo llegar” (How to get there) and “Cambiar clínica” (change to another clinic.)

Click “Cambiar Clínica”, in case you want to change to a different clinic. If you belong to the 30% of NearShore employees who relocated to a new city, you will need to choose this option.

Another option is to go to an IMSS clinic near you and ask to be registered. They will ask for your INE credential and a receipt for proof of address. If it is the applicable clinic for you, they will register you immediately. If it is not, they will let you know the clinic where you should register.

Making a Medical Appointment

1. Click the heart icon (Health.)

2. Click “Agendar Cita” (Schedule an appointment.) The system will prompt the closest available date.

However, if you are traveling inside Mexico, you can get medical service in a different clinic than the one in which you are registered. To do that, you need a document called “Vigencia de derechos” (validation of access to medical services.) Before you travel, get the validation at the “subdelegación” (branch office) assigned to you. The document obtained there will be valid for 56 days. You can also get the validity document online or at a clinic, but it will be valid only for that day.

Remember that it is important for NearShore that you take the steps necessary to Be Well. For more information, contact Human Resources. You can also contact IMSS at 01-800-623-2323 or go to http://www.imss.gob.mx/servicios-digitales