Human and dog trekkers

Health Rally 2018

Health Rally at Puebla

Be Well is one of the main internal programs at NearShore. We have a nutritionist to help employees achieve their health and nutrition goals and we also host special activities to motivate everyone to stay active.

This year we held two health rallies: One in Puebla and one in Merida. We are going to talk about the Puebla Rally.

There were activities for three days. We invited our employees to bring their families on the first two days. We began on Thursday by going to the Zocalo (main square.) 25 participants completed a series of dares or challenges, for example, dancing around a fountain for 2 minutes or asking a stranger to take a picture. After each dare, they received a new one until they completed the series.

On Friday, we visited the Art Garden Park. Deon Lourens, our Corporate Fitness Coach, led us from warmup exercises to relay races of 50 meters, then 100, 200 and 400 meters. Besides the races, there were endurance workouts, such as planks, push-ups and sit-ups. All these exercises were performed in teams. The number of repetitions performed by each member of the team was added to get a total of repetitions performed by the team. Another option was to record the time of the person of the team that endured the longest. Finally, there was a 900-meter race. Every 200 meters, the participants drank a can of juice. It was exhausting, but very satisfactory in the end for the 30 participants.

On Saturday, 19 of us met outside the office at 7:00 a.m. and went to La Malinche, an inactive volcano located at the border of Tlaxcala and Puebla. We went trekking until we reached 4,000 meters approximately. Along the way we had a faithful companion: Moka, a puppy that went with us and completed the route as well. After we returned around 3:30 p.m., we celebrated with a toast our conquest of the dormant Malinche.