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Choose Wellness - Managing Stress

Stress Awareness


Stress can be a silent partner in today´s hurried lifestyle. Too many things to do and just a few hours to do them: errands, traffic, the weather, work, as well as countless personal responsibilities. Many of these can make you overlook the amount of stress you are experiencing on a daily basis. Technology plays an important role in the story. Nowadays, people tend to use social networks as “distractors”, resulting in less effective and less aware individuals.

Begin by taking a few minutes each day to be mindful of what´s going on in your personal life and at work. How is your relationship with your coworkers, your friends, your life partner, and your family? Analyze if there is something that might lead you to be less effective as you can be, both in and out of work.  

 Low energy, tense muscles, insomnia, anger, and anxiety are some of the stress symptoms you might experience. Remember, the first thing to overcome a situation is being aware of it. Reach out to your relatives, your friends or even your boss for support. Speak up! The value of understanding is part of who we are as a company and having effective communication can be the first step to success. Living a happy, balanced life, is helped by decisions you make every single day.