our values

Welcome to the family!
Here, we're guided by our values, by our sense of unity and camaraderie, by a model of servant leadership. We believe values are proven in action. We believe that behaviour leads to goals, that how we live out our values drives us to achieve your objectives and therefore our mutual success.



Customers come to NearShore for responsible, hands-on IT solutions created and delivered by accountable business professionals. Our relentless focus on quality and elevated service levels sets us apart, especially from offshoring solutions. In fact, this obsession with accountability is a direct response to the shortcomings of the offshore business model. More than anything, NearShore customers will experience the responsiveness, the certainty and the commitment of a true business partner.


Business today advances through innovation—by embracing change and building a better way. The business of innovation is a race to the horizon—to see where the new day will lead—what the next breakthrough will bring. NearShore Technology is leading this race to innovate the next generation of IT solutions. It is called "nearshoring" and it carries with it the promise of discovery and the potential to permanently change the international landscape of IT outsourcing.


The work ethic of NearShore is anchored by a genuine passion for service and respect for others. This passion is not mandated from above, but is a true reflection of our people—those we hire and those we partner with. NearShore customers will immediately notice a close cultural affinity with our North American development teams. Values such as hospitality, punctuality, family, hard work, attention to detail and compassion form the basis of every decision we make and the direction we travel. Collectively, these principles represent the underlying bedrock of NearShore.


Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of NearShore Technology. Every representative of NearShore understands the universal language of technology as well as the intricacies of information technology. From our leadership to our IT professionals in the field, we fluently speak the language of achievement, with confidence and clarity. NearShore Technology is a U.S.-based company with a bilingual leadership team, providing access, leadership and effective communications to NearShore IT professionals. Our North American talent pool shares the same cultural values and personal aspirations as our clients.