proven strategic and operational leaders united by a singular vision

Gabriel J. Apodaca, CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer

Why I founded NST

For the past 20 years the US has been outsourcing IT jobs and functions to other parts of the world. Two decades may sound like a long time for an industry, but it is a very short amount of time within IT.

Vice President - Sheri Apodaca

Chief Administrative Officer

Sheri Apodaca is the Vice President of U.S. Operations.  She has 15 years of managing and developing teams for large multinational firms. Prior to joining NearShore, Mrs. Apodaca was the Director of Staffing for a near shore outsourcing firm where she managed all U.S. and Mexico staffing as well as handling client relations.  
Brian Peterson - Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Peterson was previously the Chief Technology Officer for Cloudswell, a cloud-based application development and innovation management firm. Prior to Cloudswell, he was the Chief Experience Officer at TransCard.
Yancy W. Riddle - Senior Vice President of Operations and Healthcare Practice

Chief Operating Officer Latin America

Yancy Riddle was previously the President and CEO of Sixth Sense, a medical technology integration provider. He has built his career on rigorous educational training and 20 years of manufacturing experience in the U.S., North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Latin America.
Rory Brown - Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rory Brown is a Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co. and Chairman of Nearshore Technology, Armada Cloud, Goods & Services, and a Director of DeSano. 
Gary T. Nicklaus - Member of the Compensation Committee

Member of the Compensation Committee

Mr. Nicklaus is a Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co. and a Director of Nearshore Technology, Armada Cloud, Camden Capital, and Goods & Services.  Additionally, Mr. Nicklaus is a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nicklaus Companies.
John R. Purcell - Member of the Executive Committee

Member of the Executive Committee

Mr. Purcell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Grenadier Associates Ltd., and serves as a Director of NearShore Technology, Armada Cloud, Camden Capital and of Omnicom Group (NYSE – OMC - www.omnicomgroup.com) where he serves as Chairman of the Governance Committee and is a member of the Finance and Executive Committees.
David Willoughby - Chairman of the Finance Committee

Chairman of the Finance Committee

Mr. Willoughby is a Vice President at Pure Storage, Inc., the leader in all-flash enterprise data storage technology, where he monitors enterprise risk, governance and controls over financial reporting, operations and compliance.