Nearshore Knows Finance

Financial institutions come to NearShore for responsible, hands-on IT solutions created and delivered by accountable business professionals. Our relentless focus on quality and elevated service levels sets us apart, especially from offshoring solutions.

NearShore's IT consulting professionals partner with executives (CIOs, IT managers and directors) of finance organizations to ensure they maximize their return on outsourcing investments. Using a unique methodology and IT outsourcing strategy to ensure alignment with business direction and goals, your business will have measurements to quantify the success of your projects and outsourcing engagements. In fact, this obsession with accountability on behalf of our clients is a direct response to the shortcomings of the offshore business model.


Providing support to some the country’s leading financial institutions is part of our core line of business. If you have been looking for a technology partner that understands the urgency and vital IT aspects of your business, the answer is near. The time is now. The results are real.

Breadth of Services

We group our comprehensive suite of IT consulting services into three main areas of focus:

Depth of services

NearShore Technology understands how to work in regulated markets such as Finance, Healthcare, Defense, Law Enforcement, Public Sector and Higher Education, making us the perfect partner to provide assistance with the foundational elements of your business. We understand your mission critical needs:

NearShore Technology provides easy access to a new and completely untapped world of IT productivity discovered right here in North America. If your company needs to increase productivity and lower costs related to IT practices, the North American strategy of NearShore Technology offers the most responsive, proven and cost-effective solution.