The Nearshore Model

NearShore Technology is a leading provider of next-generation IT services primarily in the financial services, healthcare and high technology industries. Our customers experience a work ethic unlike any they’ve ever known. They work with a best-in-breed business model. They realize results they've never encountered. They become our partners and our friends. Most importantly, they return time and again to NearShore and all the benefits of doing business close to home:

  • The service culture and work ethic of Latin America
  • Cultural affinities and shared values
  • Reduced costs resulting from matching time zones
  • A growing pool of IT talent and resources
  • Experienced bilingual management team
  • A passion for customer success
  • Expertise in high tech, financial and healthcare IT practices
  • Responsive and accountable project teams
  • Real and measurable IT productivity gains

Technology & Marketing Partners