why go near?

The answer is simple—offshoring doesn't come close.

Offshoring is Old-World Thinking

Why Go Near

Language barriers. Cultural differences. Service breakdowns. Unexpected costs associated with doing business halfway around the world. These are just a few of the problems that have plagued the outsourcing of IT services to offshore entities. Many U.S. corporations are now seriously second-guessing the practice of "offshoring," as it has created a wide range of unnecessary challenges. For these forward-thinking companies, outsourcing their IT over 10 time zones away has become old-world thinking.


Knowledge Experts In Nearshoring

Matching the right projects with the right resources in the right regions within Mexico requires a unique understanding of how the country and its IT hubs operate. Wages, skill levels, infrastructure and security are just a few of the issues to consider. As one of the first companies to land on this new and exciting frontier called nearshoring, we are pleased to provide the following insight about a variety of topics, challenges and benefits related to the practice of nearshoring in the form of easy-to-understand questions and answers.


Go Near or Go Home

About NearShore

NearShore Technology Corporation is one of the first IT companies to land on the nearby shores of North America. We are a leading provider of IT project development and team enhancement services to companies seeking the predictability and ROI of nearshoring. We deliver significant and measurable cost savings to Fortune 1000 companies looking to move away from offshoring or thinking about IT outsourcing for the first time.

If your company needs to increase productivity and lower costs related to its IT practices, the North American strategy of NearShore Technology offers the most responsive, proven and cost-effective solution. By truly delivering the savings you have been searching for in offshoring, NearShore Technology is directly challenging—and changing—the world of IT outsourcing. Join us.


Gabriel J. Apodaca

President and Chief Executive Officer

Member of the Executive and Finance Committees

Gabriel J. Apodaca

Mr. Apodaca is President and Chief Executive Officer of NearShore Technology Company.

Mr. Apodaca was previously the Executive Vice President of Delivery and Operations for Fourth Source, a technology outsourcing firm with offices in the United States and Mexico. Mr. Apodaca has over 20 years of experience in developing, managing and marketing products, services and building operational infrastructure for start-up and Fortune 500 Companies.

Mr. Apodaca began his career at Oracle Corporation as a Senior Director, where he was responsible for three development and implementation practices and ran the Southwest and Pacific Rim Regions, he was also previously a Senior Manager in KPMG’s Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) practice. Mr. Apodaca was also the EVP of Operations and Technology for two banks out of Florida.

Gary T. Nicklaus

Member of the Compensation Committee

Gary T. Nicklaus

Mr. Nicklaus is Vice Chairman of the Nicklaus Companies ("Nicklaus"). Nicklaus is an innovative global organization that has been investing throughout the world for decades, including spending the last 25+ years transacting business in China. Mr. Nicklaus is a member of the Board of Directors of companies in numerous sectors including medical technology, cloud computing, IT services and investment management.

From 1991 through 2002 Mr. Nicklaus played golf professionally on both the PGA and European Tours. Mr. Nicklaus is an accomplished golf course designer, with courses throughout the United States and abroad, including Wales, Mexico and Spain.

Mr. Nicklaus is Co-Chairman of the Children’s Healthcare Charity, Inc., a non-profit organization and primary beneficiary of the Honda Classic, a premier PGA Tour event.

Brian Peterson

Chief Technology Office

David Willoughby

Mr. Peterson is Chief Technology Officer of Nearshore Technology Company.

Mr. Peterson was previously the Chief Technology Officer for Cloudswell, a cloud-based application development and innovation management firm. Prior to Cloudswell, Mr. Peterson was the Chief Experience Officer at TransCard. Mr. Peterson began his career at Ernst & Young, subsequent to that he was with Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Peterson has also worked for Dow Agro Science, Pearson Education, United Health Care and Callaway Golf Interactive.

He has developed and managed world-class information technology teams. He is a proven strategist and business partner with over 28 years combined online and B2C experience.

John R. Purcell

Member of the Executive Committee

john r. purcell

Mr. Purcell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Grenadier Associates Ltd., a merchant banking and financial advisory firm. Mr. Purcell serves as a director of Omnicom Group (NYSE – OMC) where he serves as Chairman of the Governance Committee and is a member of the Finance and Executive Committees.

Mr. Purcell formerly served as Chief Executive Officer of SFN Cos. Inc., as Executive Vice President of CBS, Inc., as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Gannett Co., Inc. and as Chairman of Donnelley Marketing, Inc., a database direct marketing firm.

Yancy W. Riddle, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Operations and Healthcare Practice

Yancy W. Riddle, Ph.D.

Mr. Riddle is Senior Vice President of Operations and Healthcare Practice of NearShore Technology Company.

Mr. Riddle was previously the President and CEO of Sixth Sense, a medical technology integration provider. Mr. Riddle has grown his career from a strong educational background coupled with 20 years of manufacturing experience spanning across the U.S., North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Latin America. He started at the product and process design level, followed by technical sales, then progressed to R&D, product, quality control, technology, and operations management roles, all with P&L responsibility. He brings both a breadth and depth of experience from medical device, aerospace, electrical components, automotive, primary materials, military, oil and gas, coating services, and the solar / LED fields to NearShore.

Mr. Riddle was inducted to Georgia Tech’s Council of Young Leaders for significant contributions to technology and society, and has served on a variety of business development boards, U.S. government national advisories, academic appointments, and corporate boards.

Mr. Riddle’s education includes a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University; an MSc and Ph.D. in Materials Science from Georgia Institute of Technology; and has completed the Business Leadership PLD at Harvard University Business School.

David Willoughby

Chairman of the Finance Committee

David Willoughby

Mr. Willoughby is a Senior Director at Pure Storage, Inc., the leader in all-flash enterprise data storage technology, where he monitors enterprise risk, governance and controls over financial reporting, operations and compliance. Mr. Willoughby started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers (successor firm of Coopers & Lybrand) where he spent 20 years providing financial audit, tax and risk advisory services. He has served companies in the retail, manufacturing, professional services and technology industries in the Silicon Valley, the greater San Francisco Bay Area and internationally.

Mr. Willoughby is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of California and a graduate of San Francisco State University.

We Are What We Value

Our Values

NearShore Technology is guided by a well-defined set of values and principles. We seek to do business with customers who share in these same positive, healthy and meaningful ideals. They provide a clear standard to live up to and strive for. In the short term, they represent a belief system that influences every decision, every action and every human interaction in both our personal and professional lives. In the long term, they help build mutual trust and respect with our customers and partners.


Next-generation Technology

NearShore Technology is a global provider of next-generation technology solutions serving High Technology, Finance and Healthcare clients. Information technology has become a key differentiator to organizations in all industries around the world. Modern information technologies have been a fundamental enabler of today's global economy. Our understanding of High Technology, Finance and Healthcare markets make us the perfect global partner when you are in need of information technology professionals.


The Talent is Near

Our team enhancement services provide customers with skilled, conscientious and motivated professionals available the same time you are. No hassle for our customers, no H1-B Visas, no time or cost delays when you work with our North American resources. Our IT professionals can be on a flight and at your worksite in less than a day if need be.



NearShore Technology Corporation is a leading provider of next generation information technology outsourcing. Our customers rely heavily on our subject matter expertise and ability to quickly and capably navigate through this new experience. Our customers often express confidence and even outright relief knowing they have an expert partner advocating for their best interests, especially when dealing with foreign markets. For companies seeking to quickly move away from offshoring and into the growing practice of nearshoring, our knowledge base, experience and measurable value make us an easy and safe option.


Nearshore Remote Services

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. For most companies, the ongoing cost of information technology (systems total cost of ownership (TCO), systems maintenance and service) is an opportunity for significant and long-term savings. NearShore Remote Services (NSRS) gives you the solution.


Put a box around your IT costs

Project and product development services offer our customers the next level of cost control. Both our U.S. and Mexico-based project managers provide the flexibility needed to manage projects on-time and on-budget.


Discover The Promise of a New World

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